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It is with great deal of excitement that the entire Management and staff welcome all new and old students and Parents to the third Term of this academic session.  Each new school Term brings joy, excitement, and anticipation for the many great opportunities that  our Wards will be open to this Term. Choosing the right school for your Ward should be of utmost importance to any Parent or guardian. A child needs to develop in a right environment, get the right set of skills, not only mentally, but also physically and socially. The College offers you this and more. Federal Government  College, Ikole Ekiti offers a comprehensive and all-embracing curriculum for academic excellence and the total development of its students. It promotes the THREE domains of learning – Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. Our system encourages the bringing together of  young Nigerian children from different parts of the Country and exposing them to the same socializing influence so that they can come to acquire a mutual understanding of the similarities in their Cultures. We train our Wards to become Impactful and responsible members of Society. This will help them develop a stronger sense of unity as well as appreciation of the privileges and challenges of their common Nigeria citizenship. Our Educational practice positions us as Models and Pacesetters in every aspect of Secondary Educational provision but particularly so in the areas of physical Facilities, Academics and Student conduct. We are grateful that you visited our Website. You are invited to have a tour of the departments in the school. Do have a great time going through the website.  Thank you!  Principal K.A.I FASHOLA


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